Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dear society, please more playful public art and shame art. Thanks for this great photo from Les Passenger. It's so good.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Bicycle Film Festival AFTER PARTY
celebrating GIRLS & BIKES (yay!)
Sat, June 19, 9 pm - 4 am
88 Palace
88 East Broadway

To follow the Bicycle Film Festival -- on Sat 12-7 at 2nd and 2nd there will also be a bike block party which will probably be a good place to find good looking peeps who like to ride bikes.

More info HERE

The invite boasts a visit from super tooled out ice cream truck "HEARTS CHALLENGER" -- you gotta see this thing! It's the 2nd best way to travel, besides a bike.

I'm going to ride my "brand new" (to me) yellow vintage Schwinn that my bf bought me for my birthday. What will YOU be riding?

FOR FUN: Here's a story from amNY featuring an interview with Michael Musto, another bike lover, talking about riding his bike around the city.