Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flying Pigeon Bike

The other day I got into the elevator of a building and a girl was in there with a beautiful blue bike. I asked her where she got it and she told me it was a Flying Pigeon bike. She said she'd purchased it via Craigslist from a man named Nathan who was a wonderful person and she was very glad to have done business with him. She said he had more and that was his deal.

So I sniffed around on the internet, and I found a website stating that these lovely Flying Pigeon bikes go for about $260 shipped, which is a really great price for a super sweet bike.

According to some research I conducted via the world wide internet, I learned that Flying Pigeon bikes have been around since the 50s and were started in China. Their website is delightful and all asian-y! You know what I mean, there are butterflies on it and stuff. But then I found another website that took me to a Flying Pigeon US affiliate store in LA.

So after doing a little more digging, I was able to locate The Flying Pigeon Project, which is a site for peeps who love Flying Pigeon bikes. And through that site, I was actually able to locate THE Nathan who sold the lady her blue bike. It's all like "Desparately Seeking Susan" up in here. His site is and I am going to buy a Flying Pigeon bike from him today.

That is all.

Next time you see me, I'll be a Flying Pigeon girl.


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